Leaving Ann Arbor

from by Common Lisp

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Warning: explicit lyrics!


Ann Arbor
You haven't got a harbor
But you've got a big arbor-
etum, and enormous U-
niversity; you've harbored me
Since I was twenty-three
But now I'm...


Leaving Ann Arbor, packing up my apartment
I'd share my regrets but regret's not my department
It's been a fun lifestyle, but Ann Arbor
I just can't afford to love you anymore

In 1990
Zingerman's was just a deli
Borders was still a bookstore
With no pretentions to be more
One cafe was all I needed
My hairline had not receeded
But now I'm...



You're liberals who say
"That's so very fucking gay"

You're a traffic nightmare
Every football Saturday

You're overpriced restaurants
That follow every trend

You're the good schools my kids
Aren't allowed to attend

Your home prices are obscene
It's insane, I'm not so keen

To drop a cool quarter mil
Don't want to pay that mortgage bill

For a tiny little shack
With no yard out in the back

The market's ready for correction
It's gonna lose its erection

My disclosure: your foreclosure
Will make you lose your composure

Ann Arbor, you're a pipe dream
You're high property tax

You're diversity
But without any blacks

You're a pretty young thing with an
Oozing cold sore

You're a fraud, you're a cheat,
You're an overpriced whore

It's my soul that's a stake
'Cuz I know your love is fake

Not to mention my empty bank
Account, you skank

I'ts been a good ride
But I'm swallowing my pride

I've given up, I'm done, I'm through
I can't afford to love you

Any more - no, I can't afford to love you
any more


"You know how to get to Ann Arbor, right?"

"How do you get to Ann Arbor?"

"You fake left and take a hard right."


I'm leaving Ann Arbor

(Car driving away)


from Foo Bar Baz, track released October 10, 2010
Words and music by Paul R. Potts. Vocal, ukulele, electric guitar, electric bass, kazoo, and shaker performed, and track produced by, Paul R. Potts; car driving away by Rebekah Grace Potts; conversation with Rebekah Grace Potts used by permission. All production in Logic Audio Pro with loops and soft synths; Izotope Alloy for some track processing and Ozone for mastering.