Skullcrusher Mountain (Too Many Monkeys Mix)

from by Common Lisp

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This is my "release" mix of Skullcrusher Mountain for the Mandelbrot Set. I'm playing several guitar parts on this track: the slow crunch electric guitar, the triple nylon-string guitar, and part of the bass line (on the bridge). Some of the source tracks were a little rough, and getting to a final mix was like herding cats. I didn't really know what I was doing -- this was my first attempt at mixing a full song with many tracks. But I learned a lot along the way, with valuable criticism from the gang, and so here is what I finally came up with. Or, to put it another way, this is the point where I got sick of making changes and said "it's done, dammit!"

Jonathan Coulton mentioned this track on his blog and said "It sounds like a party is what it sounds like, a big internet party."

Joe "Covenant" Lamb has his own slightly different mix available, produced from the same source tracks:


from The Mandelbrot Set Mixes, track released February 16, 2009
Featuring Joe "Covenant" Lamb, Charlotte McIntosh, Ian "Bigcambridge" Schwartz, Colleen "Colleenky" Kennedy, Caleb "voidptr," Dave "H4WK" Scheck, Mick "Lunacy" Bordett, Jarrett "SpaceParanoids" Heather, "bobsmitt," and Paul R. Potts. Original song by Jonathan Coulton. See: If you enjoy this track, please support the original artist.