Sherman's Lament (Live)

from by Common Lisp

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A live version of my song "Sherman's Lament," recorded in my family room. I'm playing my Babicz Identity Jumbo acoustic guitar.

Last night I set up my wife's iBook, with its built-in webcam, to make a video for YouTube using Photo Booth set to apply the sepia tone filter. I put my Sony PCM-D1 digital recorder on the table next to it to make a higher-quality recording of the audio. This is the best take, with one edit (I cut in a separate take of the final chorus).

I put the resulting audio file through Izotope RX to remove a little bit of the fan noise from the laptop and dropped it into a Logic Pro project where it went through Izotope Ozone for compression, limiting, and stereo image enhancement, and bounced it to two 16-bit, 44.1 KHz files, one for most of the song and one for the final chorus. I assembled the video takes and audio files in iMovie '09 and had it flip the video so that I don't look left-handed. The resulting video is here:

Today I took the same Logic project, added a fade between the two segments of the audio file, changed the EQ to use Izotope Alloy with more of a "loudness" curve, played with the compression and imaging settings a bit, then bounced the two pieces as one track at the original 24-bit, 96 KHz and sent it up to BandCamp. The MP3 preview will not sound very good, but if you download it at full resolution you should get high-resolution audio.

You can find chords for this song here:


from Foo Bar Baz, released February 2, 2010